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Star India Presents it’s New Collection Gouden Module Box. We are the manufacturer of Gouden module box.
The unique features of this series are it has sophisticated Stainless Steel 304 grade locking system for strength.
It has brass nuts with 11 threads so that there is no rusting.Cement Guard are used to protect the product from cement deposit during installation. It also saves time and installation effort.
Their versatility and high-performance reliability make them ideal for residential and commercial building installation.
They are available in different sizes and packings.

gourden Module Box
HSN Code 853890
Code No Size Packing Price
SIGMB02 3"×3" 50 Pcs. 110/-
SIGMB03 4"×3" 50 Pcs. 130/-
SIGMB04 5"×3" 50 Pcs. 150/-
SIGMB06 8"×3" 30 Pcs. 220/-
SIGMB08 9"×3"(4L) 30 Pcs. 240/-
SIGMB10 10"×3"(4L) 30 Pcs. 270/-
SIGMB085 5"×5" 30 Pcs. 240/-
SIGMB12 8"×6" 30 Pcs. 310/-
SIGMB16 9"×6" 15 Pcs. 385/-
SIGMB18 8"×8" 10 Pcs. 430/-