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We are the top manufacturers of module box. This box is processed under the keen observation of our expert team who ensure the quality of our products.
These boxes are powder coated which has more life than just any other ordinary box. They are shock resistant boxes providing safety to the customers.
Lugs are properly covered to provide cement protection and are specially coated to provide 10 years rust free life.
Most extreme spaces are given to back off the work for Electricians. We have been into the manufacturing of module boxes since 1990.
We are widely acclaimed for the quality & durability of our products.

Module Box
HSN Code 8538
Code No Size Packing Star Age Eco
20 Guage
Star India Dlx
18 Guage
Star India Dlx Brass Nut & E/P
18 Guage
SIMB02 3"×3" 50 Pcs. 65/- 75/- 85/-
SIMB03 4"×3" 50 Pcs. 80/- 90/- 100/-
SIMB04 5"×3" 50 Pcs. 95/- 110/- 120/-
SIMB06 8"×3" 30 Pcs. 130/- 160/- 170/-
SIMB08H 9"×3"(4L) 30 Pcs. 150/- 175/- 190/-
SIMB10 10"×3"(4L) 30 Pcs. 165/- 190/- 205/-
SIMB08S 5"×5" 30 Pcs. 150/- 175/- 190/-
SIMB12 8"×6" 30 Pcs. 185/- 220/- 235/-
SIMB16 9"×6" 15 Pcs. 245/- 315/- 313/-
SIMB18 8"×8" 10 Pcs. 305/- 360/- 380/-

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